Welcome to the

Mendham Borough
Democratic Committee

Supporting Democratic Ideals and Candidates

Our focus

The focus of the MBDC is to build the Democratic party in Mendham Borough, identify and support candidates for local council races, and support county and state Democratic candidates.

In addition to these party building endeavors, MBDC strives to get its members involved in the democratic system, whether on the local or larger level. We believe that a government FOR the people can only be accomplished when it is BY the people. We encourage citizens to get more engaged.

What you can do

Join a Mendham Borough Dems meeting • Help out in a campaign • Run for office • Sit on a Borough Council Committee • Attend Borough Council meetings • Attend County Commissioner (Freeholder) meetings • Help Get Out the Vote • Become a Poll Worker or a Poll Challenger

Whatever your level of interest is to get more involved, let’s do it!

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Why does the country do better when we have Democratic leadership?

On average, Democratic presidents grew the economy 4.4% each year versus 2.5% for Republican presidents. (Source: the National Bureau of Economic Research, "Presidents and the U.S. Economy: An Econometric Exploration".)

Democrats believe that by investing in people we grow the country economically. Democrats gear economic policies to benefit low-income and middle-income families because we have seen that reducing income inequality is the best way to foster economic growth, which benefits everyone (think of it as “gush up” vs “trickle down” economics). Gone are the days of the misleading label of "tax and spend Democrats".

A brief review of past administrations shows that while Republicans are fast to cut taxes, they aren’t as successful at cutting spending (source: https://towardsdatascience.com/which-party-adds-more-to-deficits-a6422c6b00d7). Tax cuts that target only businesses and those already earning high incomes have not had the promised effect of growth. Our current deficit rate is unnatural for the period of economic growth that the US had been experiencing pre-pandemic (source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/chuckjones/2019/01/18/trumps-big-win-the-largest-budget-deficit-with-a-strong-economy/?sh=33ad68b549d).

A commitment to environmental, healthcare, and civil issues is also the cornerstone of Democratic sensibilities. Protecting people from discrimination is important and a fight we thought would be over by now.

To quote the Democratic National party website, the need to “right the wrongs in our democracy, redress the systemic injustices that have long plagued our society, throw open the doors of opportunity for all Americans, and reinvent our institutions at home and our leadership abroad” is tantamount. And further, “we do not simply aspire to return our country to where we were four years ago. We know we must be bolder and more ambitious.”